Monday, May 13, 2013

Ioncube Decoder

Despite the general belief that IonCube encoded files cannot be decoded or not decoded properly, I will show you here 3 very efficient and relatively accurate ionCube decoder programs:

  • Two of them are older versions of a program called iDezender that was developed by a person with the nickname of “Quarizma”. They are still very effective and work for ionCube 6x. The versions were released free.
  • A very new version of a program that can decode ionCube 7x called DeZend_Engine_CRACKED. This decoder is also known as “IonCube 7 Decoder + PHP Auto-fixer” and some people try to sell it for 50 euros (approx. $65).

Decode your encrypted php files with iDezender

Both iDezender versions presented below support the following type of encryptions:

  • ionCube 1.x-6.x,
  • Zend 5.x,
  • Nu-Coder 2.x,
  • XCACHE and ALL PHP based encryptions (without a loader).

These ionCube decoders are very precise compared with other similar programs that you can find on the internet. Are not perfect, but the percentage of errors is very low.

IonCube decoder iDezender_34

This decoder is not your best option when it comes to errors but is fast. You can put all the script in the “ENCODED” folder and the program decodes only the encoded php files, letting untouched the other files. It has only a few repetitive syntax errors but these became annoying in a large code.
How to use it:
1. If you have just one or two files to decode:

  • you can click DeZend
  • copy and paste your ionCube encoded file on the left screen.
  • click once again DeZend.

2. If you have a large script:

  • open the folder “iDezender_34” and you will find a folder called “ENCODED”.
  • copy and paste your entire encoded script there (does not matter if only some files are encoded and others are not).
  • click “DeZend Directory”.
  • you will find your decoded script in the folder “DECODED”.

ioncube decoder 2013

IonCube decoder iDezender_40

This decoder is the best thing you can find with respect to errors, if you use the “Dezender (RM Core) first button on left. It decodes multiple php files at once but you cannot copy and paste your entire script in the decoder, as it was possible with IDezender_34.
How to use it:

  • open iDezender_40
  • place the target files in the Encoded directory.
  • use one of the cores to decode. Just click.
  • output files are located in Decoded.


IonCube 7 Decoder + PHP Auto-fixer

This is the newest ionCube decoder and probably the most attractive because it can decode ionCube v7. Most people try to sell this program and it is very hard (or impossible) to find it free. It is called “DeZend_Engine_CRACKED”.

  • Sometimes it does not decode ionCube 6x.
  • This program gives enough decoding errors, unfortunately. They are not many but they will consume your time if you are decoding a large script. The decoded files have to be corrected by someone with good knowledge of php.

How to use:

  • place your files in the “encoded” directory.
  • click “DeZendEngine.exe”,
  • click “1” and ENTER.



Before trying to use any of the programs above you have to install all Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages 2006-2012 (both x64 and x86 if you have a x64 operating system): Softpedia

How to download ionCube decoder

  • The package called "" contains now 4 programs: DeZend_Engine_CRACKED, iDezender 8, iDezender_40 and iDezender_34.
    Download files: mediafire


  1. Excellent!

    Thank you very much.


  2. what is the password to unzip dezend engine cracked?

  3. I tried some large files and they always have problems. some functions and variables have wrong names too so code don't work without lots of fixing :( Not worth the effort to try and decode I find.

  4. i cant obtain my file on decoder folder when i was copy my file on encoded folder then i was going dezend directory then no file goes to decoded part only log text files are created.

  5. Unfortunately, when I use idezender_v34 and idezender_v40 to decode some files, I don't find any results in DECODED folder.

    And when use DeZendEngine.exe to decode I get files in DECODED folder without any content.

    Is there any solution ?

    1. My programs cannot decode IonCube v8. If you want to send me a file, use please the email address posted on my blog.